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Dusty Veach

27286 Road H.6

Cortez, Co 81321


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BOOKING POLICY--All hunts are considered booked upon receiving a signed contract and deposit for the hunt. Remaining balance is due upon arrival if paying cash or 30 days before arrival if paying with check. If hunt is based 100% off drawing a tag, a $1000 deposit will be needed to hold the spot and refunded if unsuccessful or if successful remaining balance to equal %50 of hunt cost is due immediately.

CANCELLATION POLICY -- Deposits are non-refundable, but are transferable to another client or group with outfitters approval. Deposits  can be rolled over to the next year with outfitters approval but not guaranteed.  

GRATUITY POLICY -- Gratuity is not mandatory or factored into hunt price but is appreciated. Guides work hard to help clients hunt be successful and to help them have a great experience. Industry standard is between 10-15% of listed hunt price.


Wounding Policy -- If a client wounds an animal, by drawing blood or not, and the wound is felt by the guide or outfitter to be fatal or possibly fatal then the clients hunt is over, unless the outfitter feels like the situation warrants another opportunity.

RCO Gear List

·         1st off Get into shape, a good set of lungs helps the most.

·         Good Backpack, with a water blatter or solid water bottles, start now by wearing as you train.

·         Clothes for layering: Colorado has very unpredictable weather in the fall, it could be 70 degrees during the day and 30 in the morning in the early seasons. In the later seasons it can be 50's in the daytime and in the teens in the mornings. Dressing in layers (long underwear) is the best way to combat the cold.

·         Hunting Clothes, 2-3 sets layer-able and comfortable.

·         Waterproof and quiet rain gear

·         A pair of waterproof boots as well as hiking boots and tennis shoes depending on weather

·         Several pairs of sock, your feet will make or break your hunt

·         Flashlight, headlamp, extra batteries, hand warmers

·         Personal toiletries and belongings, clothes for relaxing at night at camp, towel and soap

·         You will need to bring warm sleeping bag/pillow 

·         All hunters need to bring your hunters safety card (Colorado state laws) if born after Jan. 1, 1949

·          Colorado hunting license and necessary habitat stamps (unless you are purchasing them when you get here)

·         Camera, Binoculars, rangefinder (guide will always have one), a set of game bags for your trophy

·         Ear plugs (for snoring and shooting)

·         Any drinks you may want while at camp other than water/coffee/milk/flavored drink mixes.

·         Snack will be provided, but if your particular bring you own.

·         Alcohol is allowed in camp but only in moderation and during non-hunting evening hours. (any violation of this will result in clients being asked to leave camp)

Archery Hunters

·         Archery equipment, be familiar with your bow.

·         Light weight hunting clothing that is quiet, avoid denim and noisy materials.

·         Hard Case for your bow for transportation on atv’s and utv’s, per Colorado law.

·         Be practiced up on archery shots from many different shooting positions and angles, from 20-50 yards, there will be targets in camp for practice- bring plenty of arrows.

·         Face mask, camo face paint, no scent spray, anything you normally use.

Rifle/Muzzleloader Hunts

·         Rifle, be familiar with it and know its range.

·         Hard Case for your rifle for transportation on atv’s and utv’s, per Colorado Law.

·         Rifle hunters may want shooting sticks and need to be practiced up at shooting from different positions from 200-500 yards for the best chance at bagging your trophy. Also, be familiar with your bullets and bring extras.

·         Rifle hunters will need 500 square inches of hunter orange or pink on the head, chest and back.


Rough Canyon Outfitters

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